From Shopping malls to skyscrapers to temples, Hong Kong is a city with a rich cultural heritage and every other thing you’d want to experience on a vacation. The reality is that you can’t do justice to this great city by visiting just for a single day. However, if your intention and plan is to spend just a day in Hong Kong because you are on your way to Bali or somewhere else, here are major tourist hot spots you can spend some time during the day.

  • Take you Breakfast at a cha chaan teng

Enjoy a hearty early morning tea at Hong Kong’s “tea restaurants” also known as cha chaan teng. You’ll find these restaurants on every block in each of the districts in Hong Kong. The Items on the menu are more or less of the Western dishes except for the distinctly Asian flair. Try Kong Kong-style milk tea also known as lai cha and other cheap but cheerful eateries.

  • Start your Morning strolling through Sheung Wan

Sheung Wan is one neighborhood that offers unexpected surprises from its curios, art galleries, temples and traditional medicine shops. If you want a taste of the old and new combines stroll through this neighborhood in the morning hours starting along Dried Seafood street then head to Cat Street. Along these streets you’ll find traditional stalls and stores with different medicinal ingredients as well as antique shops and stalls selling second hand items.

  • Head to the Central-Mid-Levels escalator (World’s longest)

From Sheung Wan, head to the longest outdoor escalator in the world-the Central-Mid-Levels escalator. The escalator links Hong Kong’s financial hub with a neighborhood located along the mountainside. Going to the top, you’ll find the oldest mosque in Hong Kong which dates back to 1890 (Jamia Mosque).

  • Enjoy some lunch with the Locals

Your trip to Hong Kong is incomplete if you don’t sample out some traditional yum cha. You can take your lunch at one of the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurants (Tim Ho Wan at IFC Mall in Central).

  • Hop on the Peak Tram

After having some time on your foot, it’s time you enjoyed the stunning harbor views while on the Peak Tram. You’ll certainly be impressed by the breathtaking skyline view from the Peak. You may as well stroll around the Harlech Road and Lugard Road circuit. Hike through the vegetation down the hillside and have some adventure.

  • Head to Ozone and wrap up the day with a fancy cocktail

You can’t miss the view at Ozone, the world’s highest bar. You can have the best view of the neon skyline and put into perspective the existing divide between the poor and the rich in the city.