Going for a trip abroad offers an opportunity to not only see the world and have some adventure but is a great way to volunteer and help the less fortunate. Travelers are usually provided with food, accommodation, and transportation by the host organization. You may be required to pay some fee as you spend time volunteering on different causes. Despite the fact that volunteering opportunities are all over the world, popular destinations include:

  • South Africa

Are you looking for a destination where you can volunteer and work with organizations that deal with wildlife? South Africa is one of the best choice if you are passionate for wildlife. Here, you’ll find many Non-governmental organizations which work with monkeys, sharks, and lions. It’s an exciting experience in itself.

  • România

When looking for a destination where you can volunteer, it is essential to focus on your area of interest. What are you passionate about? There are those who love working with wildlife while other are passionate about children and marginalized areas. In Romania, you’ll find many opportunities where you can work with children as well as animals. Most of the volunteering opportunities can be found in the picturesque region of Transylvania.

  • Nepal

If you are the kind that loves helping underprivileged children, Nepal could be the best place to head to and spend some time. Volunteers from all over the world travel to Nepal to work with orphanages and teach the children English while helping in other upkeep activities.

  • Costa Rica

Volunteers travel to this destination throughout the year to work for charity organizations that deal with wildlife conservation. Some of the volunteering activities include sea turtle conservation. Your time in Costa Rica will involve spending time on the Pacific-coast as you patrol the beaches at night to ensure baby turtles being hatched are safe.

  • China

China offers various volunteering opportunities though the most common activity is working with children while teaching them English. The small schools located in rural areas offer such opportunities where you can spend several weeks helping children to better their language. Don’t forget that this could be a great chance to improve your own Mandarin-language skills while on your volunteering trip in China.